The Summer Village was a joint project by Mysteryland, the TU Delft, The Green Village and Ballast Nedam. It aimed to create a sustainable summer hotspot for TU Delft students and employees where they could work, relax and organize events during the summer break. The idea was to use used materials and equipment from the different stakeholders to create a low-cost venue.

While the ‘Zomertent’ hosted different workshops, organised for the TU Delft employees to improve different skills, the catering area contained a bar made from used post-office lockers and allowed visitors to buy food and drinks during their stay. Visitors could also buy items from VerdraaidGoed, a company that reworks used materials in useful products. Adjacent to the catering there was the terrace, made up from unused floor panels from the Dexto pavilion and furniture from the TU Delft Sportcafé. The Dexto pavilion itself functioned as a flex-working area. People had access to free wireless internet and power for their laptops, so they could escape their offices and work outside. This location was also used for the We Beat the Mountain Day 2013, where it was rearranged into an outdoor lecture hall, providing shade from the sun.