After the necklace the P9 concept was ready to be molded into an engagement ring and finally a set of wedding rings. Of course I would again work with Sandra from Lasand Jewellery First: the engagement ring!

As the ring would again be cast in a 3D-printed mold, there were some constraints with regards to the material thickness. To keep the ring a bit smaller and remove the sharp point, the P and 9 from the original necklace were rotated so they were in line, but still entwined. The 2 different surface finishes were maintained for most of it, but the inside was made completely smooth and polished to make it more comfortable to wear.

For the wedding rings white gold was chosen as material, allowing more subtle details and smaller material thickness. The original P9 heart shape was split in two to make 2 distinct rings that complete each other. Each ring would also have the two surface finishes to have a similar style, but the P and 9 are now the same surface finish to symbolise them becoming a whole. The shapes on the outside are mimicked by the engravings on the inside of the rings.

  • Engagement Ring Material Silver
  • Wedding Ring Materials White Gold
  • Manufacturer Lasand Jewellery