The ‘Energy Club’ is a self-sustaining, off-grid mini-club that can be used on any event. Build into a used 20ft high-cube shipping container, the Energy Club can be placed anywhere you want, directly from the truck. It comes with its own, fully functional power supply consisting of solar panels, a small wind-mill and a small energy-generating dance floor. This way, even the visitors are part of powering their own experience.

This system will likely also be used at night when the sun is not shining. In order to make sure the system will stay operational, is a battery system with a maximum capacity of 15kWh is installed inside the container. This way, the system will still be functional if the sun is not shining and there is not a lot of wind.

Inside the container you will also find a fully equipped DJ-booth, a small PA system and LED lighting, all chosen based on their low power consumption. To decrease the power consumption even more, a ‘silent disco’ option with headphones instead of a PA installation is available. With this option the system, with a fully charged battery, should be able to stay operational for almost 2 full days without any additional energy coming from the solar panels and wind-mill.

  • Project Type Experience Design
  • Designed for Energy Floors