This is the AXA Rigid, a concept designed for the dutch company AXA, which designs products related to bicycle safety: locks, lights, coat protectors, chain covers etc. This new concept consists of a steel frame with a integrated locking unit. The frame allows users to slide in their bike using handlebar supports to prevent them from getting their handlebars tangled up. The lock can be opened and closed using an RFID-loaded card, offering the possibility to use digital, financial transactions to make this a payed parking solution for users.

The small display offers feedback to users about the interaction with the lock, while the green and red lightsoffer users an overview from further away to see if any free places are available. This way, the system keeps the parking space clean, because it can determine how long a bicycle has been parked, It also makes it easier to identify stray-bicycles, because any bicycles park next to the AXA Rigid will stand out. Furthermore, it adds security and safety for the user by locking the bicycle to the frame. Finally it increases usability because of the handlebar supports.

Daan Janssen, Job Jansweijer, Arjen Oenema and Lysanne Vossen

  • Designed together with Daan Janssen, Job Jansweijer, Arjen Oenema and Lysanne Vossen