The company (NCR) was looking for new insights and new concepts for self-service checkout solutions. In the preliminary research it was determined that speed was the main determinant for positively evaluating such solutions. Therefore it was a logical decision to develop a concept for a location where speed is an important factor.

The result is a system which brings innovation to the food retail world. It allows your customers to place their own, customized order and pick it up at a location and time of their preference. The system consists of a mobile application, an in-store management system and the Lockerbox itself.

The first step for customers is using the custom mobile application to place an order. The application guides them through the order process as well as the location and time selection. The application then communicates with the selected location to check the availability of the selected products and a free locker at the selected time. If this is not the case, the application will suggest alternative options. The next step is for the retailer to prepare the order and place them in the Lockerbox. When the customer arrives at the location he will be able to find and open his locker using the mobile device with a NFC chip. Alternatively it is possible to use a OV-chipcard to open the locker.

The user test showed that there are mainly still issues with the payment system. Users want to check the contents of the locker before paying for it, while the current solution requires them to pay when ordering, reducing the risk for the retailer. An alternative solution would be to use the NFC device to perform the payment when the locker is opened.